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Saturday, 21 June 2008 19:50

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO ?


Search engine optimization involves positioning your web site on search engines so that web users can quickly find you with the least possible effort. Today's major search tools for web users are organized into two categories: directories and search engines.

Optimize your web site and investment by improving its visibility and accessibility.

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Strategic goals

Search engine optimization is the only way to make your web site accessible to directories and search engines. This is what places your site in the results for the search requested by a web user.

Why bother with search engine optimization?


Having a web site is definitely a major step forward. But, if it only gets occasional visits, it doesn't accomplish what you had hoped for. This is where search engine optimization comes in! It is now evident that optimizing your site for search engines is the the best means to generate visibility and hits. This is what aims your site to the markets that you want to reach. A well executed search engine optimization is the key to increased activity on your web site.

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