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Saturday, 21 June 2008 20:50

Website design : why us?

Our web design delivers measurable benefits:

Sustainable: NetFace CMS builds your website design with software that has a widely recognized reputation (Linux, Drupal, Joomla, Swish-e...). It is reliable and respects industry standards.

Customized: We adapt our software tools to the precise needs of our clients. Our use of open-source software permits a very efficient and cost-effective utilization of these software. Our access to the source code gives us total control over website design and development.

Accesible: Our web-based solutions permit approved user access from any browser. This gets around complications stemming from centralized data systems, proprietary software and backup protocols.

Modular: Our solutions are extensions that plug into your existing applications. This modular approach facilitates the addition of security updates, elimination of bugs, and the addition of updates generated by the worldwide open source community.

Affordable: Since NetFace CMS utilizes free and existing open source software, we charge only for web design and integration.

Contact our web site design experts in Romania.

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